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"The sword was entrusted to us by the Gods lest it protects our country and preserves its peace,
it is the treasure of our nation."

(from the Japanese mythology)

The Japanese sword, crafted by a master, with its original symbolic power rises artistically, culturally and spiritually way above its intended usage.

It is regarded as the best edged weapon of all time and it outstandingly served its purpose during the battle. At the same time, old Japanese writings and illustrations say that these blades were already preserved and admired hundreds of years ago. Often passed on from one generation to another as the most important heirloom or awarded as gratification for brave deeds, the Japanese sword has had a special significance for ages.

It still fascinates the observer. And collectors from all over the world appreciate the combination of elegance, beauty and power.

It is of no importance if one prefers an antique sword or a sword forged by a Japanese master of our times. Only the quality is important.

This quality we provide to you. We offer exclusive in Europe the blades made by Mukansa swordsmith Kunimasa Matsuba who forges tailor-made Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto. Of course in accordance with the ancient tradition!
At the same time, thanks to our excellent relations, we can offer antique high-value pieces, which we choose directly in Japan.

Thanks to the intensive handling of Japanese swords and sword ornaments for 20 years, seminars in Japan, the participation in the NBTHK EB, etc., my business is a reliable place for all those who are looking for something special.

It means a lot to me to offer high-value pieces which will give pleasure for life.

Karl Peuker